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Home    Laser Glasses    laser safety glasses    EN207 950-1100nm DIRM LB8 CE laser safety glasses with style 11
950-1100nm DIRM LB8 CE  (O.D>8) laser glasses for 980nm 1064nm 1070nm laser cutting machines, laser engraving machines, fiber lasers
time:2019-03-05 10:45



  1. big frame over prescription glasses
  2. Multiple wavelengths protection
  3. CE certified, EN207:2009 + AC:2011
  4. Marked 950-1100nm DIRM LB8 CE on the lens


Product name:laser safety glasses/ goggles/eyewear

  1. Productive range of wavelengths: 950-1100nm
  2. Optical Density (O.D) >8
  3. Visible light transmittance rate > 50%
  4. Materials: PMMA and Laser absorbing materials
  5. For typical lasers: 980nm 1064nm 1070nm lasers.
  6. Packing list 1xlaser safety glasses, 1x cleaning cloth, 1x black bag
  7. 950-1100nmDIRMLB8CES11


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EN207 950-1100nm DIRM LB8 CE laser safety glasses with style 11